Outdoor Lighting Systems

The popularity of outdoor living has brought a new focus to outdoor lighting. Creating areas outside your home to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones adds to the livable square footage of your property. Deciding to add landscape lighting to your home is an investment in pleasure, safety and curb appeal.

Coastal Source FLEX Niche Lights

Micro-sized and easy to conceal, FLEX Niche fixtures cast high-powered, focused lighting without ever giving away their location.

Our most popular combinations are now available as preassembled fixtures. Ready to install, right out of the box. FLEX Niche fixtures stand out by never being noticed at all.

Coastal Source Match Lights

Coastal Source Match Lights combine cutting-edge patented technology and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The  Gimbal LED provides complete control over the light while remaining watertight and sealed against inclement weather. Put Match lights in places where a fixture needs to be a part of the scenery, not disappear into the landscaping.

Coastal Source Bullet Lights

The Coastal Source Bullet Lights offer multiple solutions in simple, yet elegant fixtures. Available in both MR16 and MR11 sizes, these fixtures feature a proprietary, built-in adjustment giving you perfect control over the light. From a tight spot to a significantly wider spread the Coastal Source Bullet Lights are ideal fixtures that will grow with the ever changing natural palette of your landscape. 

Coastal Source Path Lights

Coastal Source offers three unique and stylish path light styles. All provide subtle light and superior dependability that you can count on night after night. Path lights are offered in different finishes and sizes for greater personalization of your outdoor living space. Constructed of solid brass, Coastal Path Lights will be an integral part of your landscape design for many years.

Coastal Source Wash Lights

The Coastal Source Wash Light is unparalleled in light output and uniformity. It is available in both low power and high power models, allowing you to illuminate small shrubberies or the side of a large building with a single compact fixture. The LED module has been custom designed to utilize CREE COB technology and custom optics to achieve a perfectly uniform light pattern.

Coastal Source Lip Lights

Clean, crisp design is paired with the easy installation and reliable performance that Coastal Source is known for. The entire fixture is constructed of 100% brass with a removable mounting bracket increasing its uses for small, hard to light spots such as under railings or up-lighting rafters. The Lip Light is the perfect way to gracefully light your step treads and risers, retaining and seat walls, and accent columns.

Coastal Source Well Lights

The Coastal Source in-grade light is a completely sealed compact fixture made of solid brass. All screws are concealed by a threaded escutcheon and the fixture can be installed using three screw-in stainless steel spikes to add additional stability if required. This fixture can accommodate all Coastal Source MR16 Lamps, including the 9W, allowing you to light incredibly tall objects from a very low profile fixture.

Coastal Source Step Lights

The Coastal Source surface mounted LED Step Light offers excellent low level illumination along walls, steps and other vertical surfaces. The Step Light allows for 3.5 watts of LED power to increase both the safety and beauty of your installation. Coastal Source Step Lights utilize the patented Coastal Connector™ system for easy installment and long life.

Coastal Source MR16 Tree Lights

We all love the beautiful scene that downlighting creates and its ability to transform a good lighting design to stunning. However, we don’t really care for the difficulty of working with a tree, mount, and two to three screws while up on a ladder. Our Uniball Tree Light means one screw and less time (and risk) spent hanging each fixture. Take advantage of this game-changing product that can give you the ultimate stability and flexibility when creating those truly magnificent down-lit designs.

Coastal Source MR16 Hanging Light

The Coastal Source Hanging Light is an easy and elegant fixture to create beautiful, natural downlighting. There are a few mounting options such as cable suspended from a tree branch, hard mounted to beams, pergola or any other solid surface with our 1/2” Flush Mount. Easy installation and sleek look.

Coastal Source Nose Light

​The Coastal Source surface mounted nose light offers a low profile way to add subtle lighting to a path, wall post or outdoor living area. Nose lights are crafted of solid brass and utilize the patented Coastal Connector™ installation system. They are offered in five different finishes and accept a replaceable 3 watt LED lamp for the utmost in flexibility.

Coastal Source Tiki Torch

We’ve built on the success of our fuel Tiki and kicked it up a notch! Our LED/Tiki head is Direct Connect™, meaning that you can use any Coastal Cable you like–and is paired with our 72″ riser to create a tall, elegant presentation. The only sealed bulb chamber in the industry means that you’ll be enjoying this Tiki for years to come without maintenance.

Coastal Source Niche Lights

Coastal Source Niche Light is an incredibly useful and flexible micro size series of fixtures that serve many desirable applications. Design it into places where discrete lighting is required and where conventional fixtures would be out of place, too bright and intrusive. The Coastal Source Niche Light family: Small, Beautiful and Effective!